The Maids of Wrath – The Cleaners #2

By: Josh Vogt
Series: The Cleaners
Published: April 11, 2016


About The Maids of Wrath

For fans of The Dresden Files, The Iron Druid series, Patricia Briggs, Geekomancy, and more…

After surviving employee orientation without destroying the city with her new powers, Dani is finally a bonafide Cleaner. Raring to get to work and save the world from corruption, she’s given the critical assignment of…full-time tools training. After all, what good are magic mops or squeegees if she doesn’t know how to properly wield them against scum? For now, she’s stuck in sparring matches where her pride is getting as bruised as her body.

Ben, her janitor friend and mentor, is also struggling with being sidelined as a “consultant” after the loss of his powers. His only consolation is having gained information that could help solve the mystery of his wife’s death on a sewer run gone horribly wrong – the same event that temporarily trashed his sanity.But when a maid goes berserk during a training session and tries to slaughter everyone with a feather duster, something is clearly afoul within the ranks of the Cleaners themselves.

Company procedure brooks no compromise: Identify and quarantine the source of the corruption at all costs. But who cleans the Cleaners? Especially when further enraged outbreaks seem to occur at random?

As bodies begin to create quite the messy heap, it’s only a matter of time before the whole company is consumed by the madness – taking Dani and Ben down the drain with it.

Readers are saying…

“I loved The Maids of Wrath! This is a worthy successor to Enter the Janitor. The Cleaners universe keeps expanding in all the right ways. You’ll never look at cleaning professionals the same away again.” 
—Jennifer Brozek, author of Apocalypse Girl Dreaming

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