The Dustpan Cometh – The Cleaners #3

By: Josh Vogt
Series: The Cleaners
Published: April 26, 2017


About The Dustpan Cometh

For fans of The Dresden Files, The Iron Druid series, Patricia Briggs, Geekomancy, and more…

In the aftermath of an emotion-manipulating virus that nearly wiped out the Cleaners, Dani has immersed herself in company work and training. After all, who has time for self-reflection when there are monsters to be mopped up? However, during one shift, she finds herself face-to-face with Sydney, the entropy wielding Scum able to turn anything to dust with a touch. He’s come to remind her of the deal she made so he’d spare a child’s life, and he’s not leaving until she upholds her side of the bargain—by going on a date with him.

Ben, on the other hand, is dodging trouble of his own. Desperate to restore his powers, he’s submitted increasingly absurd ideas for doing so in the Employee Suggestion box, though he expects them to just be laughed off. When a concept gets unexpectedly approved for a trial run, it makes him a target for his coworkers, who are all-too-eager to put his theory to the test. Pity that it’s designed to leave him as miserable and paranoid as possible.

Even as the two wage their private wars, strange forms of Corruption strike in the heart of Denver, transforming swaths of parks and neighborhoods into lifeless deserts and turning everything and everyone caught in the phenomena to sand.

Scrambling to contain the situation, the Cleaners quickly target Sydney as the likeliest source of the disaster. While the entropy mage denies any involvement, his reputation is hardly spotless, and plenty of Cleaners are prepared to put him down at all costs. But after encountering another potential culprit, Dani finds herself inexplicably defending her would-be beau. As her own loyalties are called into question, she must still prepare to face her greatest challenge ever…

Wearing a dress in public.

Readers are saying…

Enter the Janitor is a unique and cleverly written book … bizarre, funny, exciting, and just a bit weird, all of which combine to make it a winner.”

—Fanboy Comics

“If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced adventure, give Enter the Janitor a read.”

—A Fantastical Librarian

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